Episode 173 – Personal Training VS Group Training (Which is Better?)

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The purpose of this episode is to talk about the pros and cons of personal training as well as group classes for getting people the result that they want, as well as when to know when clients are a better fit for PT versus group classes

Most coaches tend to skew towards one side or the other. They love group because of the camaraderie, energy, and plethora of coaching opportunities.
Other coaches prefer PT because they feel like they can go deeper with athletes and solve real issues.
Some 1-on-1 coaches become elitist in their views on personal training. They make it seem like the only “right” program is one that is 100% individualized to the client.

We believe:
·        The case for group – The perfect program that few people follow is no where near as good as the mediocre program that people follow and get excited to do everyday. For many clients, fun and excitement means being in the group setting.
·        The case for PT – group is great for well-rounded athletes but can be unsafe, or inefficient for those that have pre-existing injuries or health . As Sean Pastuch has said, group classes are great for well-rounded athletes, but most athletes have corners.

·        Purpose of the podcast
·        Case for PT
·        Case for Group
·        Downsides of each
·        How do you know when a group client is a better fit for PT
·        How do you know when a PT client is better fit for group
·        Evaluating options for new vs existing clients
·        No-sweat intro for deciding a path


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