Podcast 006 – The 5 Levels of a Rockstar Coach

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If we want to make real, meaningful, and lasting change with our athletes, we have to go beyond the technical side of coaching. The 5 levels of a Rockstar Coach will help open your eyes to where you excel and where you need work, so you can reach the pinnacle of being called a “coach”.

1) The Cheerleader – The heart of our communities. This person understands that we’re not in the fitness business, we’re in the relationship business.

2) The Director – The logistics and planning master. Can command and entertain groups of all sizes and walks of life.

3) The Technician – Gets athletes to move a little better each day. Knows the points of performance inside and out.

4) The Programmer – Understands and relates the bigger picture or “why” behind everything we do.

5) The Coach – More of a life coach than just a fitness coach. This person can dynamically and seamlessly transition between all of the roles below it.

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