Podcast 014 – If You Can’t Spot the Sucker at the Table, then It’s Likely You

By December 5, 2018 No Comments

In order to grow as a coach, we need to be able to self-evaluate our performance on a daily basis. We should be able to come away from every class that we coach or take, and think of multiple ways we could have made that class better.

If you’re bored coaching, or feel like you’ve got this coaching thing figured out, it likely means you’re the “sucker at the table”, and you’ve stopped pursuing excellence in your craft.

Our suggestion: listen to today’s podcast and spend 5-10 minutes after the next class you coach thinking of 3-5 specific things you could have done better that class. Then implement a couple of those things the next time you coach. Get in the habit of doing this every single day.

If you have trouble with this, it’s likely because you lack the knowledge or tools to distinguish between good coaching and bad. That’s why we’ve developed the Rockstar Coaching Course.

We’ll help you go from seeing your classes in black-and-white, to seeing them in HD.

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