Podcast 016 – Are you using learning as a form of procrastination?

By December 5, 2018 No Comments

It took me having a son to realize that a lot of the time I was spending on learning, personal growth, and personal development, was actually a form of laziness and procrastination.

So many of us are constantly looking for that next piece of knowledge that is going to put us over the edge, instead of taking massive action on the things we already know.

As we continue to have access to more and better knowledge than we ever have in our lives, knowledge is no longer as powerful as it once was; focus, discipline, and action are the real keys to success.

This episode covers the pros and cons of learning and accumulating knowledge, and important questions and frameworks you should be asking yourself before you pick up that next article or podcast.

I end the podcast with a recent productivity tool that I’ve implemented over the last couple of weeks, that has led to two of the most productive weeks in a really long time.


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