Podcast 020 – How We Create Career Opportunities for Our Coaches

By December 6, 2018 No Comments

To turn coaching into a true career opportunity , we need to provide both compensation and fulfillment to our employees.

Compensation could include pay for group classes, personal training, nutrition coaching, social media roles, administrative tasks, cleaning, or any other roles outside of coaching.

It can also include miscellaneous things like vacation days, health care, free memberships, continuing education, retirement plans, retail product, and raises that may happen in the future.

Fulfillment usually comes from a combination of opportunities for growth, feeling like there’s a purpose behind what you do, and having strong relationships with those you work with and interact with each day. It’s less tangible and harder to measure, but may be even more important than the compensation piece.

This episode covers how we think about compensation and fulfillment at CrossFit Palm Beach, and how we try to create more of it for our coaches.

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