Why the Rockstar Coaching Course?

As a micro-gym owner, I quickly realized that having coaches that know how to safely teach an air squat or a snatch, is only a very small part of what makes a great coach, and in turn makes a successful business. The Level 1 and Level 2 courses are great for teaching coaches how to teach, see, cue, and correct movement, but this doesn’t always lead to retaining members, or building an exceptional community.

If you want to build the box of your dreams, you have to develop your coaches on a deeper level. They need to understand and care about the members just as you the owner does.  They need to realize the opportunity we have to change lives every day. They need to prioritize coaching over their own training, and treat their job like a true profession. They need to communicate with you and their fellow coaches to work together as a team, rather than a group of individuals. They need to care about the details that make every class better than the last.

This course is designed to shine a light on what it means to truly be a great coach, and to give you the tools to develop and evaluate your coaches on an ongoing basis.

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