Top 10 Episodes of 2019

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2019 was our first full year of having the Seven Figure Box show, and I am proud to say that we reached our goal of publishing at least one episode a week for all 52 weeks of 2019. To celebrate, I’m sharing our top 10 episodes from 2019, ranked by most listens.

10. 073 – What to Pay Your Coaches – a 4/9 Breakdown – This episode dives into the popular 4/9 model by Two Brain Business, its pros and cons, and how we pay our coaches at CrossFit Palm Beach.

9. 078 – Nurturing and Converting Leads with Brittany Welk of LadyStrong Fitness – In this interview with Brittany Welk, we discuss a ton of tactical ways to generate more leads, convert them into members, and retain them for years.

8. 079 – You Deserve to Make Money with John Briggs– This episode dives deep into gym finances and the mindset and systems it takes to run a profitable business that will be around for decades.

7. 054 – Markus Gerszi Interview – Markus is one of the most influential people in the growth of CrossFit Palm Beach. This episode gets into business coaching, trends for the gym industry, and how he defines success.

6. 050 – Stu Brauer WTF Gym Talk – Stu has one of the greatest podcasts and gym brands out there. This interview gets into details of business coaching, rebranding, and the difference between inspiration and stealing an idea.

5. 056 – Chris Thorndike of Factory Forged – Chris has over a decade of experience as a gym owner, and has been helping other gym owners for most of that time. This interview gets into his experience as a gym owner, working alongside his wife, and his strategy for being as productive as possible.

4. 061 – The Level Method with Nathan Holiday – Nathan developed the Level Method, a system to assess members’ strengths and weaknesses, used in 150+ gyms. We discuss this system along with Nathan’s experience owning a gym and an online business simultaneously.

3. 053 – Triple Your Personal Training Business – This episode covers our experience hosting the Active Life workshop at our gym, and the influence it had on our coaches, sales mindset, and personal training business.

2. 036 – How to Sell Without Selling – This episode features my brother and business partner, Tony, as we share tactical tips for overcoming the fear and sleaziness that is typically associated with sales.

1. 077 – Building Your Personal Training Business with Dr Sean Pastuch – It’s no mistake that Dr Sean is in our top 3rd and 1st episodes. He’s built a successful business around personal training and helping gym owners and coaches make significant salary increases.


Thanks for listening and following our Seven Figure Box podcast and Youtube channel in 2019. We look forward to sharing even more content in 2020.

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