Why It’s Selfish to NOT Up-Sell Your Clients

By November 28, 2020 No Comments

Often times it’s easy to let our fear of sales to get in the way of listening, understanding, and being empathetic to our clients’ wants and needs.

Our job as coaches and gym owners is to help people. If we stop overthinking sales and simply do our job to hear our clients out, it actually has the potential to lead to far more sales, and will feel like a lot less work in the long run.

Today I sit down with FitTown Head Coach Austin Bettigrew to discuss one of his personal training clients who initially planned to do our start up package and hop into group classes. After a few sessions together and a long discussion about what this particular client really wanted, Austin ended up selling a 30 session PT package and Nutrition Coaching, simply by listening to the needs of the person sitting in front of him.

In this episode, Austin details out this story, and we discuss why it would have been selfish to NOT sell more to this client. For the full episode, click here:–Why-Its-Selfish-to-NOT-Up-Sell-Your-Clients-en3amc

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