Why The Seven Figure Box?

My name is Andrew Frezza, and I am the owner of FitTown Jupiter.  Seven Figure Box is a place for me to share everything I have learned as a box owner and coach over the last 7 years.  We certainly don’t have all the answers, but we have successfully grown FitTown Jupiter to over 500 members, and have built a community of people that we truly love seeing and coaching every day, which feels like the ultimate success.

That’s really what Seven Figure Box is all about.  Whether you want to build a gym that grosses over $1 million in revenue per year, or you simply want to build the box of your dreams, I hope the information we share here can move you closer to your ideal vision.

To start improving your gym today, check out our blog and podcast at the links above.  If you are looking for help developing your coaches and freeing up your time, enter your name and email below to be added to the pre-sale list for our Rockstar Coaching Course, which is launching soon.

-Andrew Frezza

Owner of FitTown Jupiter and Founder of Seven Figure Box

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