Why Your Lack of Leads is Not Your Biggest Issue

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Since the day you first opened your box, how many people have walked through your doors and filled out a waiver at your facility?  How many people have signed up for a month or two (or year or two) never to be seen again?  How many people have called you or sent an email to inquire about starting CrossFit, but got lost in the shuffle for one reason or another?

We hear over and over in business that its far more expensive to find a new client than to retain an old one.  Yet, how many of us truly take this to heart?

How many of us are putting everything we have into our current members or potential members?

Like most CrossFit boxes out there, we are very proud of our retention rate.  We have over 300 members and lose only a few on a monthly basis.  Most of which are due to legitimate reasons like moving away, injuries, or financial issues, where we will see a lot these people return in the future.  When I think about our business this way, retention seems far from an issue that we need to work on in our business.

Then I think about all of the people that have come into our facility for at least a trial class or a month of classes since we opened our door 4 ½ years ago.  I look at the drawers upon drawers filled with paper waivers that were filled out in our first few years of being in business, and the hundreds of waivers that have been filled out electronically over the last year.  We probably have over 2000 waivers of people that have come in and done at least a class with us.  At least 1200 of those are local people that would be a good fit for our gym and actually were a good fit at one point or another.

So there’s about 900 great potential members that we dropped the ball on.

Yet, were over here worried about getting more new leads or the gym down the street that just added 20 new members.

There is an abundance of great people out there who can help you grow your gym.  Many of them have already walked through your facility.  Many of them are still current members.

Instead of focusing your attention on marketing and bringing in new people, give everything you have to those that are already there.  Focus on ways you can add value to the experience of your current members.  Strive for excellence with every single class, interaction, phone call, email, and text message.  Care for each member like they are family.

Because improving retention isn’t just the ability to retain the person who’s standing in front of you, but it’s the ability to retain their spouse, best friend, and neighbor that they would refer if they had a true ‘wow’ experience.

Stop focusing on new leads and start focusing on creating more raving fans.


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